You're ready for the next step.

Growing your business is important to you, and you want to do it with integrity and authenticity. You know that this starts with being in complete alignment yourself. You want to get yourself and your brand out there in a way that matters, so doing it through a medium that's growing fast and getting peoples attention makes sense. By 2019, online content will consist of 80 percent video marketing, and mobile consumption of video content continually rises by 100 percent annually.
The live group programme has now finished. However you can join the online programme via this link.
You're ready for the next step.

Elevate your business message.

This course will take you on a powerful journey of discovery through film. Exploring more than just how to share your message, it will show you how to really leverage the impact of video in your marketing to expand your reach and connect with your audience. You will learn how to bring your own visual story to life in a way that delivers your message straight from the heart.
The live group programme has now finished. However you can join the online programme via this link.
Elevate your business message.

Demystify the tech.

You will join a global network of savvy women entrepreneurs, just like you, to learn how to create effective and professional-looking videos for your business - whether you're using a smart phone, a DSLR camera or a pro video-camera. There are equipment options to suit all budgets and levels of tech experience. You will be guided step by step to discover what feels right for you, and you can get started with whatever you have available.
The live group programme has now finished. However you can join the online programme via this link.
Demystify the tech.

You're in the right place if:

  • You know that using video is the best way to reach your audience, build your brand and grow your business and you want to learn how to do it the right way.

  • You've got a message to share with the world and you want to do it in a way that makes you feel inspired and joyful, and gets you noticed at the same time.

  • You want to learn the skills to craft beautiful and professional-looking videos that capture the essence of your message and brings your business story to life using imagery, words and music.

The live group programme has now finished. However you can join the online programme via this link:

What you will get.

The programme is carefully structured to guide you step by step and fully support you on your journey.

  • Video Lessons & Downloads

    Each week you will get access to new video lessons teaching you the core concepts of each module. You will also receive further material such as workbooks, checklists and cheat sheets to enhance your creative learning experience and take you joyfully from planning to production.

  • 1:1 Mentoring Session with Katy

    Each woman will receive a 60 minute 1:1 call with Katy. You can use this at any reasonable point throughout the course when you'd like some extra support or further guidance on your journey. You may also like to save this call until after the course has finished to receive personal feedback on your editing.

  • Group Coaching Calls & Women's Circle Every Week

    The course group meets live once per week for teachings, sharing and Q&A with Katy. These coaching calls last 90 minutes and are recorded and available to listen to if you can't make it. The live calls are a very special part of the course and a wonderful opportunity to connect with other women in the programme.

What you'll learn

The course will feature lessons on the following, with soulful strategies weaved throughout.

  • Marketing with Soul

    How is your business showing up in the world and what does your brand deliver? Dive deep into the heart of your work and get clear on what you want to share with your audience. Learn how to bring your messages to life through the power of stories, and implement them in your business marketing.

  • Shooting Video

    Discover how to make your videos look professional and stand out from the crowd. You'll learn about equipment to suit all budgets, framing and composition, lighting and sound, the magic of B-roll and telling stories through shots.

  • The Power of Video Testimonials

    Video testimonials can be an integral part of your business marketing to boost your credibility, engage with your audience, humanize your brand and increase your exposure. Learn the art of interviewing as a powerful and effective tool to build your brand voice and influence your community.

  • Video Editing Fundamentals

    Learn how to bring all your video elements together and build your digital story. We'll explore what to keep and what to cut, making titles and text and how to use music to enhance your viewer's experience. You'll discover the best settings to compress your video for different platforms and then how to share it online.

Course Bonuses

In addition to the full online course you'll also receive:

  • Online Community Access

    You will be invited to join a private facebook group to stay connected with your course sisters, share your stories and experiences, upload your videos, ask questions and receive feedback on your weekly assignments. Katy will also be on hand within the group for that little extra support and guidance if you need it. This will be a fun place to hang out!

  • 50% Off 1:1 Mentoring Sessions with Katy until May 2019

    If you'd like to continue working with Katy after you’ve completed the live course programme, she will be available to offer you her continued support as you build your video portfolio or would like guidance on new projects. You will receive 50% off the usual price of £90 per hour - you pay just £45!

Your Instructor

Professional Filmmaker, Mentor & Entrepreneur, Katy Bullen.

I use the power of film to help female business owners be more visible in the world and take their place to shine. To connect with their audience in a soulful way and be true and present in their marketing messages.

I believe it's time for women to step up and feel empowered to share their stories on camera authentically and confidently, and have the ability to do this by themselves.

My journey began 15 years ago as a documentary filmmaker in Cambodia, Thailand and Burma. I worked closely with street children, refugees, migrant workers and tribal people to capture their lives on film and give a voice to people who aren't usually heard. I worked with community based organisations and trained them how to use cameras, edit videos and tell their stories to advocate for peace and social change.

Through these humbling experiences, combined with my own inner journey and the practices of yoga, dance and holistic well-being, I was inspired to create new forms of filmmaking and discover different approaches to sharing human wisdom.

Now, it’s my passion to work with heart-centred entrepreneurs, conscious leaders and modern day wisdom keepers. The films I love to make mirror a world that's evolving through more mindful and conscious attitudes and promote a more positive understanding of life and the environment we live in.

I travel to places far and wide to join people on retreats, in workshops or at their place of work to capture the essence of their message and shine a light on what they do.

Video can change the world and now we all have access to this global stage. I am sharing a piece of my heart by creating this course in hope to inspire other women to stand in their power, shine in their brilliance, and learn the most effective way to reach their audience in a truthful and wholehearted way.

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The live group programme has now finished. However you can join the online programme via this link.

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Have a question? If you don't find the answer below then please drop an email to

  • How is the programme structured?

    Each Sunday, from November 4th to December 2nd all course participants are invited to join together on a live group mentoring call for teachings, sharing, group support and feedback. This call will last approximately 90 mins and will be recorded for replay in case you can't make it on the day. A different module will be taught each week to guide you through the programme, and each Monday new content and learning materials will be uploaded into the online course platform (Thinkific) for you to work through during the week in your own time.

  • How much time do I need to successfully complete the course?

    You are strongly encouraged to join the weekly mentoring calls which will last 90 minutes, sometimes a little longer depending on what comes up in the group sharing. Please allow 2-3 hours per week to work through the online course material and then allow more time for the practice exercises of video-making. Of course the more time you're able to give to the programme the more you will get out of it. It would be ideal if you can put aside one full day per week to focus on your creative journey through the duration of this course.

  • What video equipment do I need?

    The course is designed so that everyone can benefit from the teachings, whether you're using a smart phone, a DSLR camera or a professional camcorder. You will learn more about equipment to suit all budgets at the beginning of the course, however it is recommended you have access to a camera with a video function, a tripod and a microphone to practice with throughout the programme. When you're ready to edit your films you will need access to a computer and editing software such as Lightworks (free), Windows Movie Maker (free), imovie (free), Final Cut Pro (paid) or Adobe Premier Pro (paid).

  • Is the course just for women?

    Yes. This round of Video Marketing with Soul is specifically for women entrepreneurs. Although the teachings and methodologies taught here can apply to any heart-centred business owner and video-maker, this course is designed with women in mind. This is a safe space for women to nurture their innate creativity, express their voice, share their stories and bring their visions to life on film in an authentic way. You will find the teachings may have a different intention and motivation behind them compared to the usual approaches of male dominated business marketing and video-production industries.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    If you sign up and then wish to cancel before the course starts, you will receive a full refund minus a 10% service fee to cover money transfers and admin. As this is a live programme, once the course starts I cannot offer refunds. If you're still not quite sure if this course is for you then please drop an email to and we can arrange a time to speak. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have!

  • What if I need extra support during the course?

    As part of the course bonuses each woman will receive a 60 minute 1:1 mentoring session with Katy. You can use this at any reasonable point throughout the course in case you feel you'd like some extra support or further guidance on your journey. If you like, you can sign up for more 1:1 sessions for an added fee - just ask!